Pedagogy of the Obsessed

Pedagogy of the Obsessed

This is Pedagogy of the Obsessed where we connect listeners to the heart of what is going on in schools, provide context on the issues through interviews with those doing the work and engage followers in a discussion on how to act to support kids.

We pose the problems of human beings in their relations with the world.

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    REAL with Arne Duncan

    Shanna Peeples gets REAL with former secretary of education Arne Duncan as they talk race, equity, gun violence, and improving America's schools.

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    What Can We Do?

    As this episode goes to publish, there are thousands of kids sitting in detention centers because of their immigration status. This is unconscionable and left us wondering what we can do. Two teachers of the year speak with Shanna Peeples about what they are doing to support these children. Ways you can be involved are in the show notes.

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    REAL with Dr. Lee Ann Stephens

    Lee Ann Stephens (@MNTOY2006) talks about her work making schools more equitable places and offers strategies for how schools can do this work well with training.

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    A Casualty of Ed Reform- Why Does a School Close?- Part Two

    Welcome to the second and final part of A Casualty of Ed Reform with David Baiz. In the second part of the episode, David begins the story with Carmen Farina’s closing of small schools and tells how this decision impacted Global Tech School and the teachers, families, and students within the community.

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    A Casualty of Ed Reform- Why Does a School Close?- Part One

    This episode is a little different. David Baiz shares a personal reflection as principal of a school that was slated to close in New York City. Join him as he takes you from founding to crisis in this first part of a two-part episode.

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    Why Does Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Matter?

    Cyn Rosario takes us to the Bronx to draw the through lines between social and emotional learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, and support for the whole child that includes a broad definition of academic achievement.

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    Why Doesn't Anyone Want to Teach

    Keri Randolph, former Assistant Superintendent for Innovation in Hamilton County, shares her own reluctant journey into the classroom and tries to find out why so few people are taking that path.

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    REAL with Kathryn Boudett

    Adam and Jim get REAL talk with Kathryn Boudett, leader of the Data Wise Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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    How Do We Support New Teachers

    Lance Huffman takes the reins of how we support new teachers with stories from the challenges of the first year. Features insights from: Stephen Mahoney, Mariel Novas, Shanna Peeples, Keri Randolph, and Edna Varner.

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